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Creative Sculptures by Hedi Xandt

Hedi Xandt imagines impressive sculptures. Mixing styles and materials with talent, the artist invites us to discover his dark and intense universe.

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A few photographs from my trip to CERN in Geneva last week. 
It was amazing.
I met the bubble chamber which I own some photographic film of muon decay tracks from.


My new Etsy shop c:

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Am not in a good place right now, after a fairly good week. 
I’m kind of scared.


Babes in Toyland *.*


Babes in Toyland *.*

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Anonymous said: Just wanted to say good luck with the therapy, it helps so much. you just need to forget about things / people in the past no matter how hard it is and focus on the good things in life. good luck

Thank you, this means a lot. I’m trying my best to, and now that I don’t have to face them again, I imagine it’ll be a lot easier. Thank you very, very much.