A girl with Shark teeth

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grohl-mole said: Go to barburrito. Best place EVER

Just did a google and oH GOD YES. Thank you for telling me about this!! Are you local?

Did my hair and face paint and now I feel like less of a minger.
Off to a beer festival now<3

Hey tumblites! Long time no see, I’m at university in Nottingham now, I moved down like, 3 weeks ago, and have been pretty all over the place, hence being M.I.A for a while. Have some photos of me looking kinda greasy with my cactus friend. 



Medical instruments

(don`t worry)



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Crystals in Vienna


Crystals in Vienna

Sneak peek at my new rubbahhh<3

I’ve put on weight recently (I think it’s cos of my Nexplanon implant) and my main problem is that my arse now sticks out of all of my mini skirts. Assuming I can get them over it.